My Solution to my year-long back pain and health issues

Since I started my health and fitness journey I was facing issues with tremendous back pain and mobility.

As you may have guessed already I started walking but the pain was not going anywhere whatever I do.

I took physiotherapist assistance, machine exercises, long distance and long time walking but with no relief.

But one day I just turned off the air conditioner for the whole night in my room for straight one or two weeks and somehow my back muscle was relieved and had no pain or any muscle stiffness issue. But after that week I turned on the air conditioner for the next three-four days and the back pain was back again.


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My Health Journey Continues!

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I have just totally stopped the intake of sugar which was coming through tea & coffee. I was consuming more than 6 to 7 tea coffee in a day. Formally I was taking two spoons of sugar per cup but after consulting my nutritionist I started taking one spoon of sugar per cup. But I made my mind to take no sugar with coffee and using more amount of coffee itself for taste. For tea, I started taking jaggery / गुळ for sweetness and taste.


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Why typing Devanagari Alphabets (Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi) on a personal computer is so difficult? And why typing Devanagari in Latin is so easy and preferred by many?

I was planning to write this blog post for the last many years. I was facing this issue since I had my first Microsoft Windows Operating System based computer in the year 2002. And after that, it got solved partially on Mac in the year 2008. And I faced the issue of Marathi on the web when I had my website in the year 2010 and then my community Marathi website in the year 2012.

The idea of writing this blog post or writing documentation about why we face the problem of typing Marathi / Sanskrit / Hindi with Devanagari Script on Computer got more important when some category of journalists or people who started false propaganda to tell the Marathi population at large that Devanagari Script for the Marathi language is no more relevant anymore rather we should abandon Devanagari Script Alphabets and start using Latin Script to write the Marathi Language. An example was given by these people was that of the young generation who are writing or chatting or texting on their mobile phone using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that they use Latin script to write Marathi than using Devanagari Script.

At that time I attended few lectures on Devanagari Calligraphy and Typography where I met an important person like Mr Mukund Gokhale from Pune who had done extensive work in building Marathi Typewriter with his two-three seniors in his field. He also worked with popular calligrapher, typographers to bring Devanagari on computer i.e. designing popular Devanagari fonts to be used on Computer. At that time I was working in IITB as a web designer. After that, I met Mukund Gokhale at his Pune home to discuss why Marathi Typing is so difficult and why it is targeted by anti-nationals who have no linguistic background to speak about abandoning Devanagari script itself. We discuss it at length he even showed me software that he has developed with his developer tech support to design Marathi based digital artworks and designs. It was his initiative to create an alternative solution to Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator who doesn’t support Devanagari Script in the year 2014/17. And now it’s the year 2021. Because of these long conversations on phone or personally meeting each other and I even developed the Devanagari Learning app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

When this propaganda was started by abusing the Marathi language and falsely showcasing its irrelevance in today’s world. I talked with popular Hindu Orators who were tirelessly working to stop this propaganda. So people like me were middlemen between people like popular Hindu orators and calligrapher/typographer Mukund Gokhale to share knowledge and know-how between them and connect the dots.

So I am going to write here my observation that I got to learn while talking with Mukund Gokhale and some observations are of my capacity as I am myself designer and developer too who want to talk and design/develop in Marathi.


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My success story of being from fat to fit in 4 months by walking almost 2,000 kilometres in 4 months & 30 kilometres daily…!!!

My success story of being from fat to fit in 4 months by walking almost 2,000 kilometres in 4 months & 30 kilometres daily…!!!

Few things to clarify this blog post is all about my health, I was at my peak health condition in the year 2001 / 04. That was my college years when I was doing bodybuilding, weight lifting & 12 kilometres walking daily. But I had one bad habit that I was eating 100 grams Jalebi’s daily. If you don’t know what Jalebi is then it is 90% Sugar & 10% of Maida i.e. Wheat Flour approx.

But then after my post-graduation, I got the job in IT Company as a Graphic Designer by that time all my exercises were stopped I was having almost powder milk coffee 5 times daily. Then some food at 4 pm to be exact. So it was my unhealthy lifestyle period in my life.

I gained weight from 75 kilograms to 108 kilograms from fit to fat in 5 years.

So after 3 to 4 jobs in the year 2016, I got tremendous back pain so that was my realisation point that I should do something about my health. I also got advice from relatives that stop doing the job and concentrate on health first.

So on 1st January 2017, I started walking again daily 2 hours approximately 15 kilometres at stretch. I started maintaining my daily diary of walk routines which I was doing for the last 6 years. Nothing new but from 22nd February I started walking 2 hours twice daily i.e. 4 hours & 30 kilometres daily. Till today 14th May 2017.

So after looking at my walk routine daily diary it seems I have walked almost 207 Hours & 21 Minutes (Casual Walk not counted) so with that numbers I conclude by keeping in mind that I take almost 7 minutes to walk 1 Kilometre so I can say that for last 4 months I have walked almost 1,777.28 Kilometres. Just to be exact I have walked 120 times out of 134 Days of last 4 Months 1st January to 14th May 2017. Sometimes I have walked twice a day & few rest days in between. I have been through slipper bite then I had sandal bite then shoe bite then I was forced to buy 10,000/- INR Nike Branded Shoes Designed for Walking / Sprinting & Running.

I have almost loosed 7 KG of unnecessary body weight & 4 inches at the waist.

I count this as my one of big achievement in my lifetime.

Planning to keep this momentum going for the next 3 years…

I hope reading this blog post you find it inspiring & helps you to get momentum to start exercising to loose excess body weight.

Be Fat to Fit…!!!

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

7th July 2017 01:40 PM
Few Clarifications & Updates:

A few days back I checked my time to complete 100-meter walk & result came out that I take exact 1 minute to complete 100-meter walk so by this calculation I take 10 minutes to complete 1 Kilometre walk.

So I have to update you that I have walked 221 Hours & 18 Minutes. That means I have walked almost 1,328 Kilometres & not 2,000 Kilometres.

You have to add casual walking of (150 approx) to 1,328 Kilometre count.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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