Males and Females in Human Resource (HR) Recruitment in the Era of Feminism / Illusion of Patriarchy or Illusion of Brahmanical Patriarchy in Brahman Hatread Society

With the invention of Feminism. The female audience was introduced to the term called Patriarchy and, for Hindu haters Brahmanical Patriarchy. Feminism tells young female audiences to blame Male dominant society for their natural human body periods of pain. They somehow ask why boys should not suffer the same and why just girls or women.

Even with the disclosure of Twitter Files by Elon Musk. Vijaya Gadde from Twitter also got sued in court for her bias Twitter’s social media administration or moderation. (Vijaya Gadde is an American attorney who served as general counsel and the head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter. – Wikipedia) I remember her saying, “Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy”, out of nowhere. Why are American companies’ social media heads blaming or shaming Brahmins from India / Bharat / Hindusthan for no harm they did?

So Feminism or Brahman Heatread or Claim of Male Dominant Society is the state of mind where those people don’t require any clarifications or reasoning.

The same environment is in the Female Dominant profession called HR, where specific company rules are regulations favouring Female Employees and not equally beneficial or supporting Male Employees.

When you apply for the job on Job Portal or Email HR Recruiter, they don’t reply. If you try to contact them for updates about the interview, they think the male recruitment prospect is sexually hitting on them. So getting an arrogant reply or no reply is the most cumbersome task.

Even when I talk or interact with any Female Doctor, Dietician or any other professional, their first reaction is why that person is hitting on them or why he is texting her multiple times.

They don’t think that person is in need or require help and not otherwise.

These are just my observations. I don’t want to blame, harm or abuse any gender or gender.

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Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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