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I am using the Anuroop Wiwaha Matrimony Website for the last four-five years. I have used their mobile Apple iPhone app and website extensively for my bride search all along. There are a few points that I discovered that Anuroop Wiwaha Portal / Company improve upon to help the community get the right matrimony match for their search.


Few Points that they can improve on.

Mobile App & Website Portal:

  1. Every event they always talk about having 20,000 Profiles / Accounts of bride and groom registered on their portal. An average Anuroop Wiwaha account cost is INR 5,000/-.
  2. User (Bride or Groom) can’t register with a free account as they don’t support free accounts as the user has to pay an account fee upfront before registering to the portal. So it kind of gives assurance that user is at least serious about their search and even user has to submit identity proof within 7 days of registration. So in a way, it eliminates the possibility of fake accounts or frauds.
  3. Even with this money of 20,000 Accounts * 5,000 Fee, Bride or Groom Search is cumbersome and hectic. The mobile app is not full fledge as compared to a web portal. They are using non-native software technologies for the Apple iPhone app that app takes minutes to load or sometimes fails to load content and data.

Account Maintenance:

  1. Even if the yearly account maintenance cost is high, all monthly events are paid by Account Holders with no redemption or with marginal discounts.
  2. With High Cost, there is a very unintuitive website/app with no actual results for profile matching. Their app or website is hopeless regressive old school without any modern technologies like up to date notifications about new connections or messages received. The user has to check manually if there is a new message or incoming connection requests.
  3. There is no AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered auto-generated profile matching service that can be mailed to the user’s email ID or matched on the app itself.

Anuroop Wiwaha’s Success Story.

Knowledgeable CEO and Informed Events:

  1. Anuroop Wiwaha’s CEO Mis. Gauri Kanitkar is very knowledgeable about every aspect of matrimony search and the steps every person has to take along the way.
  2. Anuroop Wiwaha arranges helpful Conferences about Patrika Matching (Horoscope Matching), Jyotishi or Astrology Analysis Conferences, and Free Talk Shows that are very helpful to learn about successful married life.
  3. Anuroop Wiwaha portal is mainly directed toward Maharashtrian Marathi Audiences of Grooms and Brides.

Plus Points of Having Anuroop Account:

  1. Once you register and start using the website, the groom or bride’s account holder profile structure is very well structured to get knowledge of prospects’ details before sending them the connection request. It helps to analyse the right prospect with in-hand knowledge of everything you need to know.
  2. The website also has well managed and perfectly working online Patrika matching software module to get insight into the horoscope.
  3. The website has a compatibility test section for the bride and groom with good questions with multiple choice prewritten answers to avail definite compatibility results score.
  4. Their telephonic support staff is very helpful and up to date about the question we ask and solutions they can offer to us.

So in a way, they can improve upon their portal and app if they want to be relevant to the digital age.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

One thought on “In-depth Review of Matrimony Website by Anuroop Wiwaha (

  1. we’re cheated by anuroop wiwah sanstha,Pune. I Vikas S.Kelkar F/O Apoorv V.Kelkar writing on his behalf as he is away busy handling project site of his company. After 10th(SSC Mah.Board exam)he did diploma in Instrumentation Engineering. Currently working with MNC since last 5 years. Marital status:Single. He registered himself ONLINE on Anuroop Wiwah sanstha by buying their premium package worth Rs 6000.00 annually in 2021. This site started sending alliances of eligiblegirls who were graduates/post graduates,PGDMs,etc.Initially we didn’t find amiss. We started sending likes to those whom we felt ok. There was no response this went on for so many months but resposnse was zero. I felt there is something wrong and to find out the truth I befriended with few parents of those girls and asked what did you find NOT OK in my son’s profile. Candidly they told me that our daughters are graduates or post graduates so on edu.qualifications our daughter rejected his profile. On hearing this I called up Anuroop Wiwah sanstha’s helpline and asked the telephone opeartor to connect me to owners of their firm. She transferred my line to one Mrs.Gore. I narrated whole case to her and asked her to reply. She asked my son’s qualification and I told her he is diploma holder. on my reply she told that we only register graduates/Post graduates or above profiles. So I asked her then why did your staff accepted my son’s profile and money at first place? you should have rejected his application there itself and should have refunded his annual fees amount but you didn’t do either of this and sat on my son’s money for nearly a year. It was almost a year and his profile was removed. Meanwhile I as his father persuaded this matter with Mrs.Gore and other available staff but they all turned deaf regarding our matter. I even wrote an email to one Mr.Tanmay Kanitkar supposedly partner in his family business but he also did not reply. Anuroop Wiwah sanstha is a fraud company and alert citizen like you,me should post our strong feelings on their website reviews. I have done that and my review has gained sufficient patronage and still today I receive response from disgruntled parents/boys and girls.

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