GEP Company Review – My experience with Brahmin Hatred, Insult, Frustration, and Abuse because of untrustworthy Managers and irresponsible Human Resource Managers


I joined GEP (Global eProcure) company as a UI Designer in 2015.

The company was overstaffed or overcrowded as they planned to buy two more floors in the same building. But it used to be seen as a time profitability of the company.

In a few weeks, I realised the company app we designed and developed was unstable and lousy by performance vice. And we were losing customers every day. In the words of the company’s current clients, they can’t even interact as the development team used multiple external frameworks on every page rather than inline coding it by themselves. It seems an analytical page that the company app’s essential feature took more than fifteen minutes to load, which should be not more than five seconds or less.

There were multiple Usability issues, such as an add user form with hundreds of input fields, no autocomplete, no progress bar, and no step-by-step wizard-type interface so that the user can take a break or complete tasks later. With this, a minute inactivity threshold was added by developers, which caused users to be unable to use the app. This company hired its staff to feed data rather than fix the product, as its clients can’t use it.

So it was messy. On the outside, the company was on a hiring spree with a shiny face outside. But inside, all was screwed up. And things were going downstream towards hell.

During this period, suddenly, we as a designing team got to know from our current manager, Mr Muthu, that a new UXD Manager will lead us from the next minute, and HR has arranged for a meeting with the team in the next three minutes.

We learned the new Manager was Mr. Roy. Our old demoted Manager was shaken inside.

My interaction with my old manager was abusive. He used to spit curses at every member with statements like design should be wow, मजा नही आ राहा है, i.e., In a word, it should look like interfaces designed by Apple or Microsoft UXD Team. The new manager even outsourced design to Microsoft’s Consultant for around fifty lakhs. But the result was a failure, with the money going for no good.

The Real Story:

In this ugly environment. I was having lunch with my team one fine day. A man almost my age was sitting before me named Mr Kadam. He suddenly started abusing my Brahmin Cast with statements I will list below in numbers.

  1. All Brahmin Girls are mistresses of Dalit leaders.
  2. All Dalit leaders have Brahmin wives.
  3. All Brahmin girls are prostitutes, and boys are alcoholics.
  4. All Brahmin men are impotent.
  5. Brahmin started eating nonveg, and prices of meat skyrocketed.
  6. Brahmin cast will not survive within the next five years, and it will be wiped out from the face of the world.
  7. There was no Brahmin warrior in Indian Independence holding a sword on the battlefield.
  8. All Brahmins are baggers.
  9. Brahmins started communal hatred between Dalits and other casts by exploiting them sexually, monetarily and socially.
  10. You have nowhere to go in Independent India without the mass killing and execution of Brahmin men. Brahmin women will be spared but distributed among other casts as their slaves for enjoyment and to keep.

I was amazed at his statements. But I know this history where it is coming from.

So immediately after reaching home in the evening, I emailed my old manager, Muthu, my New manager, Roy and my HR immediate contact about this incident.

The following day, I received a call from HR about the same email and a meeting was arranged, one HR talking and another taking notes on her computer. So, lady HR, who was Bengali by ethnicity, started pretending that she was Marathi only and Brahmin too to get my trust in her and disclose my plans about do I was going to escalate this case in court legally, or I was taking any strict action against Kadam in by launching a criminal case in the nearby police station. While this was happening, one of my colleagues, Vishwakarma, told me he is Brahman too, and I have done the right thing to email the incident to HR. He told me I should not take legal action against Kadam and I should ask HR to spare him by warning him against doing it again. They even arranged my meeting with the Head of HR, a Christian lady. But it was just a show of listening to my grievance and counselling me to bear it as it is society’s way and how it runs.

So it was extinguished by intent saving individuals as every backward class member has a birthright to abuse Brahmins. Then I realised Muthu planned to take every office staff against me because it was just nominal worldly abuse, and Kadam would not harm or rape any Brahmin woman. So in a few days, Vishvakarma started telling me in my ears that I spread hatred and Spread Shit in team unity by complaining. As he said to me in Hindi, “तुने गंदगी फ़ैलाई”. Even Vishwakarma would speak in my ears about how my hair and shirts smelled terrible.

But don’t worry, I gave a befitting reply to Muthu, Kadam, and Vishwakarma about this, but I wanted to see how long and shallow their behaviour would go. At the time, I kept a diary and notes of my experiences and connected them to HR. I was sharing it with HR so they could never say I never updated about it and were unaware of this.

In a few days, I got an email from the same Bengali lady in HR that a PIP meeting was arranged for me with her and my Project Manager, Muthu.

Background of what is PIP:
GEP, as a company, has one system called PIP, i.e. Performance Improvement Program, through which they dictate which employee to eliminate.

Once in a while, any employee will receive an email from HR about a ‘PIP Meeting.’ They will ask employees to prepare for every alternate day review of their behaviour & job deliverable quality.

This program gets imposed on such employees whether they are eligible for this or not. This happens at the will of the Project Manager without any valid reasons.

There was one situation when a Design Group manager, Muthu, asked & dictated his peer PIP reviewer team to give a bad review for me under the PIP program so that he could quickly get me out of the group.

Then, I would receive an email from a Bengali Lady every alternate day. Mrs Mukharji would plan constant PIP meetings to abuse me to show my poor performance, and she would pretend that she was helping me get speed to match other designers in the company.

Dealing with management was total harassment. They treated me like a criminal & not like a normal human being.

So, I sustained this abuse for three weeks. Once it was unbearable, I immediately dropped an email of resignation to the Bengali HR lady, Muthu and Roy.

One note I want to add about a person called Roy was once I emailed them about my experience, he would share my email with other team members like Vishvakarma, one other person Roy brought to GEP along with him, and other people.

Another thing was Mr. Muthu trying to manipulate my rating, which I was receiving during the PIP program. He used to tell other colleagues evaluating my work to devalue my ratings so that I could be easily removed, which was understandable as PIP was installed on his suggestion and preference.

End of Story.

So, I suggest you keep a safe distance from this company & take any alternate job offer you may have.

Some company employees have been waiting for a salary hike for five years.

GEP has a system that assigns you wrong & irrelevant Job Titles for your type of job. That way, people from other companies will not understand what exactly you do in GEP & you will have fewer chances of getting a job outside so that they can keep you at the company for the lowest price and without the hike.

It’s the worst nightmare to work with GEP & its Management.

Red Signal. Don’t apply here for the job in GEP.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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Published by Mandar Apte

Mandar is a Mumbai-based multi-disciplinary designer with UX/UI, Logo, Symbol, and Brand Identity design expertise. He currently runs his Mudrkashar Linguistic Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac app business in the heart of Mumbai city.

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  1. Dear Mandar
    proud of you. You are courageous. Such things often happens through out Maharashtra. I did experience it but in different way, but while working in corporates. Yours is extreme. then you must be in your late twenties or early thirties. this is my guess. I had crossed my forty and I was systematically forced to quit the job.
    It should be top management overall plan that they continue keep on renewing young staff mismanaged by top rung (rogues) which fuel such sentiments. Such company never ever grow but their existence and profits are always steady owing to market conditions.

    13/12/2023 12noon

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