What Special Legal Rights That Muslim Exercise in India That allows them to call any fellow Kafir A ‘Shaitan’. My first-hand experience with Mongini’s Muslim Employee.


There has been a Monginis cake shop in my area for 15+ years.

I used to eat chocolate cakes in the same shop.

However, after a few interactions, I started experiencing irregularities, hindrances or arrogance by the shopkeeper when you asked for the order. Sometimes, an older person who is supposed to be a shop owner will insult you or talk rashly in English to sound excellent and non-offensive on the part of the shopkeeper.

After a few interactions in the first 5/6 years, I never went back to shopping again to eat cakes.

So here I am documenting my first-hand experiences with Monginis Cake Shop in my area.

First Experience:

So it was the same shopkeeper I mentioned above when I went to the same shop in the early years there was a single cake remaining in one rack which was four weeks old and past the date of expiry written on its label.

So, by choice, I told him to give me a different cake to eat, which was very fresh as per the date mentioned on its label.

But in difference or kind hate about maybe Marathi speaking locals or perhaps ignorance of health issues will that person have or sake selling cakes without thinking about society health he didn’t bother to give a cake that I chose which was same day delivered. Still, he offered me a cake that was four weeks old. So I told him I ordered a different cake, and you gave me a rotten one, which is four weeks old. He said it doesn’t matter, eat it. Nothing will happen to you.

But I was 25 years old then, so I chose to eat that 4-week-old cake and pay him 55 or 65 rupees as I finished eating.

But I have had that lousy experience in mind till now.

After 6/7 years, I accidentally went back to the shop, and I saw the same person but in a little fragile health condition. So I asked him and confirmed that you are the same person who gave me a whole 4-week-old cake without asking for it and not offering me the one I ordered. He said shamefully that he was the same person. But he didn’t say sorry for anything.

And Second Experience today, the year 2023:

Last year, two months back, it was my uncle’s 80th birthday. So we decided to order a 3 KG cake. So a night before a birthday celebration day me and a person from my family and I went back to the same shop to buy a cake.

At that time the staff was changed. A young male shopkeeper was there to take orders. So we order three different taste cakes up to 3 or 4Kg in size. He told me he would keep that cake in his refrigerator so we could collect it early tomorrow, as his home fridge was too big to accommodate those four cakes.

So the next day, early morning, around 9:45 AM, as discussed, we went back to that shop to collect our order. As we already paid the cost in full a day before.

But the next day, the staff was different. A lady in Burkha told us she had sold all three cakes she was having, and only one cake was remaining that we told them to keep in their refrigerator. She told us a new delivery was supposed to arrive 30 minutes before but had yet to arrive as she wanted to give us fresh cakes. But the delivery vehicle has yet to come, so you must buy new cakes, and she will deduct the already paid amount.

But I argued with her about the same and their commitment, and she told us she just sold said cakes as she felt so. Then I had to pay an extra 300 rupees to buy an expensive cake as she sold three of the cakes I booked. She was acting so innocent that she sold all the cakes as the customers arrived at the shop before we arrived. But I said I already booked the cake. But I didn’t have time to argue with her as she was so innocent that she sold the cake as she had to, even if I bought the cake yesterday and had no replacement cake ready for us. Then she begs as a customer, and I have to settle for a new cake as she can’t afford to pay for it from her pocket as she is from a very conservative poor household and commutes far from Nalasopara to my place every day. So, I have to pay cash for her mistakes. She is a poor, innocent girl who intentionally commits a crime or may make minor mistakes.

But we had to leave that shopee to attend the event within 10 minutes.

The same day in the evening, I visited the shop to find out why she had sold the cake in the morning. The same guy from yesterday, another girl, and the same Muslim girl were present. After I asked her how she had sold the cake I had bought the day before, she gave me a different answer: She had sold the cake the day before I purchased the exact cake. Two individuals there were not in the mood to accept the mistake of selling the same cake to two different individuals. Then again, arguing with her, she changed her answer. Then I asked a male individual why he didn’t inform a Muslim lady that she had to keep a cake in the fridge that was sold to us and not to sell to anyone else.

So after arguing for a long time with no acceptance that it was their fault, I told them where to register a complaint to Minginis customer care, what their email ID or Customer Care Number is, etc.

The Muslim lady immediately said she was ready to reimburse the cake value and prepared to give back the cash. I paid her extra in the morning. I told her she should return all the money if she were serious about her mistake. Then she lost her cool. I was going to register her for complaint and wanted my money back; then she started throwing out a note on paper where she wrote her customer care email ID and her full name a few seconds back.

I told her it is not behaviour to have if you are a cake shop waiter or helper. I asked her name, and she informed me she was some Mis. Khan.

Then I told her it is now vital for me to register a complaint to Monginis shop if they deserve this kind of negligence, arrogance, and mannerless behaviour from their employee. Or the Monginis shop sponsors this kind of behaviour.

Then she said, ‘Allah Should Save Us from This Shaitan or Satan’, which in Hindi says, “अल्लाह बचाये इस शैतानोंसे”. Then, finally, she started saying to call the police, or she would take action. Then I realised that Bangladeshi Muslim illegal migrants have increased for the last two or three years and the same for other parts of Mumbai and Bharat.

Now, I wonder what on earth, or at least in India, all Muslims have special rights to call all Non-Muslims Kafirs, and Shaitans or have the right to behead them as per their religious law. Do other communities not deserve the same rights, or are they inferior to fellow Muslims? Then I remembered the previous Indian National Congress Party’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, once said, “All Muslims have first right to all Indian resources or assets”. So this mentality was sponsored by the Congress party for the last 75 years since Indian Independence till BJP’s Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India. But Congress Raj’s effects are still experienced all over India.

So let me know if you know anyone with the same experience or who has read about it in a newspaper.

I am writing here to document my experience on my blog and will send the exact text in an email to Monginis Customer Care.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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