Update on the Last Blog Post: Genoside and Hatred of Brahman. The past, present, and future.

On October 3, 2023, I posted a thorough blog article detailing my own experience with severe brahman heatred and how the non-brahman community has normalized it. Remember my experience was dated in year 2013/14 when I was working in company called GEP. Today we are in year 2024 and it is still same mentality of killing all brahmans in three minutes and etc.

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This community calls itself ‘Brhmanetar Samaj’, i.e. ब्राह्मणेतर समाज.

Those communities are ready to call themselves ‘Backward Class’ just to get freebies like free jobs, free education, and free monthly monetary benefits.

So the title is Backward they want to have for themselves. Is this a sign why they are still hating Brahmans since independence in 1947 until today, 2024, and it will be until tomorrow, I wish or suppose?

As I see all prior reserved cast communities still getting reservation seats since, say, more than 60 years. But they are still on the reservation, and they want to be that way for the next 100 years.

Is it not that funny that they want to be in the so-called backward class for the next 100 years? This is what I read in the news paper where the current Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi head, Prakash Ambedkar, said in his comments in long past. And other leaders like him who represent those backward-class communities.

We know what happened to the Kashmiri Pandit Genoside; nobody got punished, as it was done by Muslim Jihadis, who were supposed to be the frustrated community because of so-called Pandit dominance in Kashmir. So it was an uprising supported by so-called Pakistan to free Kashmir from Bharat. At that time, Congress was the ruling party.

Similar events happened with the Chitpavan Brahman Community geniside when Nathuram Godase sadly killed Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. But by the logic of Mr. Gandhi, every supporter of Gandhian theory should close their eyes and stop breathing as someone has come for killing. As Nathuram took revenge for Hindu women, massive rape and Hindu killings happened in the India-Pakistan partition.

But what Mr. Gandhi followers do is start burning Chitpavan or other Marathi brahman men and women alive after raping or torturing them on a massive scale and aim to ethnically cleanse the brahman community from Maharashtra.

No one got punished for inhumane crimes, as there was again Congress party rule at that time.

Now in the year 2024.

This is what we heard from Mr. Jarange Patil and the person who says we will kill all Bamans within three minutes.

And what Maharashtra’s current BJP Chief Minister says is that he just ignores it.

So no action again, Jarange Patil, and who pledged to kill all Bamans in three minutes on a social media video.

See here:

It’s really getting funnier day by day. Someone pldge to kill particular humans, and nobody cares or just ignores them.

Just like what happened in Israil and was executed by Hamas.

One Memory from Past about popular ‘OBC’ Leader called Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde who coined the term called, ‘The Hindu Terrorist’ or ‘Hindu Terrorism’ or ‘Saffron Terror’ or ‘Bhagava Atankawad’.

Even if you remember correctly they showcased Ajmal Kasab as Hindu Terrorist with thread around his wrist. He was the first terrorist who caught alive in year 2008 Mumbai attack by Pakistani militants.

So this is what I read from all this what we see in videos declaring to kill all Brahmans are just puppets of particular Secular Political Party who tell them what to say, where to say and how to say it. And provide protectionfor those same people as they has legal authority.

Same happened with one year back with Republic TV network chief Arnab Goswami.

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Mandar Apte

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