What is a suitable tool for UI/UX Work: Adobe Photoshop / XD / Sketch / Figma

As far as I can remember, I have used Photoshop from version two. So I have used Photoshop for almost twenty years, less or more.

I have been using the Sketch app for four years. And just now, because of team recommendations, I have to switch to Figma.

The most problematic point about Photoshop or XD is Adobe’s pricing model. Adobe forces you to buy all Creative Cloud apps whether you choose them or not. In India, Adobe CC costs INR 45,000/- plus taxes.

The best thing about the Sketch app is its pricing model, i.e. Annual Subscription, which costs you INR 7,500/- for a year, and after it ends, you use the same app as long as you want without buying another subscription. So yes, you will not get updates, but you have an app to work with.

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Uber Cabs Invoice Outstanding Payment Alert, A Technical Glitch or Accounting Error

I just travelled from Mumbai to Thane using Uber cabs. They rounded my bill before tax by 46 Paise. My trip was a cash trip.

My final cost of the trip after taxes applied was 160.05 INR.

But when I completed my trip I got notification from the Uber app that I have not paid 5 paise out of 160.05 INR using cash.

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Different ways of sustaining as a Music / Video / Creative Content Creator on digital music platforms in today’s age.

I just learned that Apple Music pays artists 1 cent (75 Indian paise) for one stream / one audience listens to your song for a single time.

So if you want to earn $1 (75 INR), the artist should have 100 plays/views by his user/audience.

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Why food you order online platform like Swiggy is more expensive than eating in the same hotel you ordered from?

I have been wondering about this for a long time,

When I eat Bhel Puri for 35/—rupee at Hotel ‘A’, but I order the same Bhel Puri from the same hotel ‘A’ through Swiggy, it is shown as 50/—rupee at the MRP price.

Why these discrepancies? I even saw Swiggy’s user base repeatedly asking them the same question on Twitter.

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In-depth Review of Matrimony Website by Suyog Ranade Vivaha, aka Shree Suyog Vivaha Mandal


I have written a complete, in-depth review and analysis of the Suyog Ranade Vivaha or Shree Suyog Vivaha Mandal Matrimony website that I used for 6 to 7 months, mainly on WhatsApp groups, because of bad user experience on website format. I reported the following issues to them, but they were not ready or in the right frame of mind to accept it.

So, I just unregistered myself from their portal and exited their WhatsApp groups.

Following are the points that I noticed about their matrimony service:

Point 01:
No or Failed Business Model. The matrimony section mainly runs on WhatsApp Groups of 250 people. The group is unmanaged sometimes; people post their profiles multiple times. Some people even post political or comic forwards. Because all members are in an open WhatsApp group, there is no contact number security or number privacy. Sometimes, admins or business owners post repeated WhatsApp Messages asking every user to register and pay a fee to use WhatsApp groups or websites. Admins even warn users they will remove everyone who never pays the matrimony section fee, which showcases the main point that there is no thought behind Successful Business Model or Revenue Generation.

Point 02:
No Privacy or Security: Because of the open group with visibility of contact numbers to everyone, users are prone to scammers and fake profiles or spam calls

Point 03:
Suyog Ranade Vivaha lost complete user profile data and even registered account data three times while upgrading their website and transferring the website to their new domain. They had to ask every user individually to reregister for their website repeatedly—a failed system.

Point 04:
Website owners had to change their Web Domain as a similar web domain was used by its competitor with a slight name difference. This shows no thought about branding or company structure. Because of this exact domain by competitors, Suyog Ranade Vivavha’s Matrimony users were registering wrongly on competitors’ websites, thinking competitors that they were the original company. This shows a loss of identity and company branding, and a loss of revenue.

Point 05:
As you can see in the screenshots, the website structure is broken and faulty, with buggy coding and development.

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Cloudflare Flexible SSL Certificate Implementation Guide for WordPress Website.

Please ensure you have an active CloudFlare account and have added your WordPress Website to CloudFlare. Also, make sure you are using CloudFlare nameservers for your domain.

Step 01:
Sign in to your CloudFlare account

Step 02:
Make sure a flexible SSL certificate is enabled under the “Crypto” tab for your selected website

Step 03:
While signing in to your CloudFlare account, go to > My Profile, Scroll down to API Keys, locate the Global API Key, and copy the key for further use inside your website.

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LinkedIn A Professional Networking tool Unprofessionally Designed & Developed…! Asking Why? Read.

I have been using LinkedIn for the last 6 to 7 years. But lately, I am getting irritated while signing in to LinkedIn, even when trying to read messages, send messages, or post on LinkedIn Groups.

I will list a few things here explaining why I am saying so.

The first foremost irritating thing, i.e. code deployed & Implemented
Whenever I try to sign in to the LinkedIn page, it resets to the public home page or the sign-in page, even if I enter the username with the correct password combination. The page resets again & again without any error message. Asking why? Poor code deployed by LinkedIn itself.

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Funny People Type & Appear Online on Their Profile

One day, I was exploring adding network suggestions on popular professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

I came across a profile where a nice female human being stated under the Languages category that she knows ‘Java’ as her (first or Native) Language.

& It was hard to stop laughing for several minutes.

The Clever:


The Fool:


The Dumb One:

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Google Adsense Doesn’t Displays Ads on Some post where Unicode or UTF8 based Indian Languages are utilised, I found it why it happens.

Update: 14th December 2014
Google AdSense Now supports Websites in Indic Languages like Hindi.
So, if your website is in Hindi, you should be able to fetch AdSense Ads now.
See Image below:

AdSense Now Supports Hindi

I have a few blogs in English & few others that utilise my mother tongue, i.e. Marathi…

& It was weird that Ads on my Marathi Blog wasn’t showing Ads at all, All ad slots were appearing blank…

I even checked the original Adsense ad code back & forth, even rechecked my website’s HTML code, I even revalidated my HTML Code with w3c standards but found no errors, then I reported it to ‘Google Support’ but no use…

But I found the answers…

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Why I left Facebook for good & removed all my Business Facebook pages integration from all of my websites

Over last 2 years I was using Facebook for good, to just popularise my business via Facebook Pages, Find old friends to whom I am not in touch with or just be in touch with current real friends

But History of Facebook Founder & Facebook Technology brand Itself forced me away from it to start to leave Facebook for good,

Here is why…

  1. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has personal & professional history of Idea Theft & Intellectual Property theft
  2. Facebook has mysterious behaviour over advertising
  3. Facebook looks fake when you want clear & transparent social network system
  4. I personally can’t trust Facebook & It’s Intelligence & It’s Code & It’s Founder
  5. Facebook Shares are dead investment
  6. I can’t put my business brand in hands of untrustworthy behaviour of Facebook Coding staff who displays my posts on Business Page’s at their own will i.e. they display my post when they want it to show to people
  7. Facebook is untrustworthy
  8. Facebook has multiple fake identities of same person on Facebook friend suggest
  9. Facebook’s User Agreement is Anti User so when ever you post idea on Facebook, Facebook owns your idea & concept because it is stated in their user Agreement which you agreed before signing to Facebook
  10. Facebook seems to be monetised in every area over next coming month just to post as it is now public company
  11. Facebook has history of tracking user without his consent or prior permission
  12. When you post about good of Facebook Rivals on Facebook itself posts get auto deleted or gets vanishes by itself from Facebook as you can’t post about Google Plus on Facebook it reads strange but it’s true
  13. Facebook has fake groups & fake user identities
  14. Facebook has history of stealing content
  15. Deleting your data like images or post from Facebook doesn’t really get deleted from Facebook Servers it gets deleted when Facebook Staffers actually approves to delete your content & data
  16. Facebook Share is dropping in value everyday
  17. One day there will be no existence of Facebook
  18. Mark Zuckerberg imitates Steve Jobs in mannerism, talking & clothing style but he does vary poor job in doing that, I can’t rely on fake personality as Mark than following Steve just for sake of business inspirations
  19. Account hacking or Account Hijacking on Facebook is tremendous
  20. Advertising on Facebook is taking over idea of free social interaction
  21. It seems it’s not you that control your content it’s Facebook that controls your content which is in way fraud & bit of odd
  22. Facebook is another Orkut
  23. Facebook now has sponsored post which are generated through computers’ algorithms i.e post not be humans or friends
  24. Facebook Resets & hijacks your privacy settings at their own will
  25. There is one incident that when Facebook Mail IDs started arriving they (Facebook) hijacked user’s email ID settings to force use of Facebook’s own mail Ids…
  26. It seems character of Facebook as company has flaws & hint of you can’t trust them on their operations
  27. Facebook Ads impersonates you when it is advertise product on your friends profile
  28. It seems Facebook doesn’t generate any more referral traffic to your website through your Facebook page
  29. It’s really ugly activity to manage Facebook pages with impersonating comments & post by fake peoples with fake identities
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  31. Watch Full Interview of Marke Zukerberg CEO of Facebook where All Privacy Settings Chaos Exposed in this interview with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg