Unsubscribe, Delete, Forget, Relax

Few day’s ago I deleted all Automated Facebook Messages & Mails sent to my E Mail ID & I also deleted mails related to old Orkut Stuffs….

It was mess of 1,500 to 2,000 Meassages…. Which was useless from any point of time & relevance… (more…)

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Akismet Works!

After having my website online as it was designed in iWeb with static website structure &  4 to 5 pages… I was more than happy…!!!

But after I deployed WordPress as my website’s main CMS (Content Management System), I had my Art Blog, my Art Portfolio & other defined pages belonging to my business & liking… My WordPress powered website gave me the boost in google analytics of 100 to 200% in visits & pageviews… But wordpress triggered another feature of website interaction i.e. blog comments.


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Twitter for Mac: Sluggish, Buggiest twitter ever

For all this long time I was using Tweetie for Mac as it was Freeware i.e. It has free license to use…

But after switching to Twitter for Mac, I am really having bad experience of Twitter for Mac from day one with 1 dot release… (more…)

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