Balgandharva, A story of the era where Gandharva use to live in Hindusthan

Just now I came from film called Balgandharva portraying life of Artist itself…

every frame of the film is well designed to era of the “Balgandharva”, No frame of the film is boring or any second of the story is wasted, Right characterization of every artist is unique…

Even 30 second roll of Actor Angad Mhaskar in character of Freedom Fighter “Kanhere” is heart touching & gives different dimension & direction to the film…

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Nokia E Series & Software Updates Issue

Few months back I bought Nokia E Series phone.

After I received some Mail App & OVI Map Update notice… I updated my device with the latest software…

But, My all configured emails start failling to update & synchronize.

I really had a bad time with this updates… What the use of updates if same app stops to work at all… Continue reading “Nokia E Series & Software Updates Issue” »

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Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries)

I really had a brilliant experience watching this film.

It’s real breathe of fresh air in this crowded city of movies.

“Three people, one city faces same happy moments & trauma at same time & at end all unites as city sleeps…!!!” Continue reading “Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries)” »

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Akismet Works!

After having my website online as it was designed in iWeb with static website structure &  4 to 5 pages… I was more than happy…!!!

But after I deployed WordPress as my website’s main CMS (Content Management System), I had my Art Blog, my Art Portfolio & other defined pages belonging to my business & liking… My WordPress powered website gave me the boost in google analytics of 100 to 200% in visits & pageviews… But wordpress triggered another feature of website interaction i.e. blog comments.

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Twitter for Mac: Sluggish, Buggiest twitter ever

For all this long time I was using Tweetie for Mac as it was Freeware i.e. It has free license to use…

But after switching to Twitter for Mac, I am really having bad experience of Twitter for Mac from day one with 1 dot release… Continue reading “Twitter for Mac: Sluggish, Buggiest twitter ever” »

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