Marathi Play ‘Barrister’ A story of unfolding the unfold

I have watched several times now the Marathi Play ‘Barrister’

& I really find it difficult to thoroughly understand the character that Actor Shailesh Datar plays ‘Ravsaheb’,


A story of love,

A story of brotherhood,

A story of truth,

I called this story unfolding the unfold because it weaves you inside it’s core where elder brother follows his father’s footsteps & then younger brother follows his elder brother & play ends…

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Is Zuckerberg watching us??? Bad Image of Online Social Networking….!!!

It’s from my experience,

Sometimes back I posted about my experience of Google’s Social Networking Google+,

& Suddenly my Facebook Post Disappeared from my profile page…

What a hell….!!!

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“You Broadband Aka You Telecom Aka Iqara, A worst Broadband Internet Service” My Review about my Internet Service Provider

I can say one thing I am using You Broadband Aka You Telecom Aka Iqara for last 2 to 3 years, But I have to say I faced worst problems of internet cut, cable cut, no internet, slow speed internet every twice a week from their service connection to me.

I never saw the week without any problem or hiccup from You Broadband’s Internet connection.

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OpenSource GnuCash Accounts Books Keeper Application for Macintosh OSX, A User Experience & User Interface Review

Introduction to Application

I was searching for Macintosh OSX Application that can keep my Accounts Books for free & perfectly.

I found the Mac OSX application called GnuCash, I was excited & happy as it was free & open-source…


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Marathi Play – ‘Jaswandi’

Last saturday I saw a marathi Play called ‘Jaswandi’

Watching the play I got sense that this play is about expressing human love & sexuality as against to uncivilized domesticated animals like cats & dogs… Continue reading “Marathi Play – ‘Jaswandi’” »

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Experiments with Task Management Programs

For last few days I was experimenting with Task Management Progarams Called Producteev & Things for Mac.

I was amazed with design & simplicity of Things for Mac The Desktop Client for Mac Platform, It was easy to use & Look & feel was truly Mac only… Continue reading “Experiments with Task Management Programs” »

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Unsubscribe, Delete, Forget, Relax

Few day’s ago I deleted all Automated Facebook Messages & Mails sent to my E Mail ID & I also deleted mails related to old Orkut Stuffs….

It was mess of 1,500 to 2,000 Meassages…. Which was useless from any point of time & relevance… Continue reading “Unsubscribe, Delete, Forget, Relax” »

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Asa Balgandharva Ata Na Hone – Show lost in it’s own Paradise

Yesterday I attended program by The Movie Balgandharva people.

Kind of Making of Balgandharva talk.

Whole program started half an hour late.

The effort put up by all team of at show gave the feeling the program lacks thought process should be put behind for programs… As I have saw film 10 time by now…

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Lovebirds – A Suspense Story A Marathi Play

Yesterday I saw ‘Lovebirds’ Marathi Play at Gadakari Rangayatan at Thane.

I was amazed with basic story line behind play & how suspense was well maintained in play throughout & how live motion video was used to evolve around story…

This is the first time I was experiencing suspense story live in theater & happening in front of me. Continue reading “Lovebirds – A Suspense Story A Marathi Play” »

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CGTEXPO11 – Fool’s Paradise

I attended this years CGTEXPO1,

Sadly I was totally upset with content, management & arrangement of the program.

Programs had no content to look at or learn from, I felt totally waste of money & time from point of view of a student or professional who is looking for learning opportunities…

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