Marathi Play ‘Barrister’ A story of unfolding the unfold

I have watched several times now the Marathi Play ‘Barrister’

& I really find it difficult to thoroughly understand the character that Actor Shailesh Datar plays ‘Ravsaheb’,


A story of love,

A story of brotherhood,

A story of truth,

I called this story unfolding the unfold because it weaves you inside it’s core where elder brother follows his father’s footsteps & then younger brother follows his elder brother & play ends…


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“You Broadband Aka You Telecom Aka Iqara, A worst Broadband Internet Service” My Review about my Internet Service Provider

I can say one thing I am using You Broadband Aka You Telecom Aka Iqara for last 2 to 3 years, But I have to say I faced worst problems of internet cut, cable cut, no internet, slow speed internet every twice a week from their service connection to me.

I never saw the week without any problem or hiccup from You Broadband’s Internet connection.


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OpenSource GnuCash Accounts Books Keeper Application for Macintosh OSX, A User Experience & User Interface Review

Introduction to Application

I was searching for Macintosh OSX Application that can keep my Accounts Books for free & perfectly.

I found the Mac OSX application called GnuCash, I was excited & happy as it was free & open-source…


  • I downloaded the application, Opened the DMG file, Copied GnuCash Application to Mac OSX Application folder,
  • Application Icon was pretty much ordinary with flat colors no 3D or gradients or shadows
  • Worst thing was it was having big & Microsoft Windows like GUI (Graphical User Interface) (more…)

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Experiments with Task Management Programs

For last few days I was experimenting with Task Management Progarams Called Producteev & Things for Mac.

I was amazed with design & simplicity of Things for Mac The Desktop Client for Mac Platform, It was easy to use & Look & feel was truly Mac only… (more…)

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